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Please give me resources on designing and conducting business simulation games.

I'm looking for resources on how business simulation games, of the sort you'd find in an MBA program, are designed and conducted. Searching for business simulation games brings up a whole lot of PC games rather than what I want.
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The better search term is "educational simulation" or "learning simulation" and you might also have luck with "serious games," especially in combination with "simulation." You may add "classroom" to your search string as well.

Most business simulations originally came from classroom exercises, and the world in which they developed is education.

This is a topic that interests me and I have noted that there are very few scholarly resources or even practical writeups or histories of the simulation format as of yet, which is odd, since it is a widely applied tactic. This recent Rebecca Onion piece about historical simulations gives a little bit of background.
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You should check out Virtual Enterprise, which is an international business simulator for high school kids that involves rollplaying a company’s org chart and selling to eachother at trade fairs worldwide. Super interesting, has been around a long time
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Search terms like negotiation skills, conflict resolution roleplay.
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