Cat dandruff
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Mrs. Beasley has dandruff. Omega-3 supplements see to be the way to go. However, I positively hate the smell of fish. Do you have experience treating cat dandruff with a product that won't make me gag? Cat tax. (Yes, she is staring into your soul.)
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Hempseed oil (cold pressed from seed, contains no cannabinoids, unless as a contaminant - good quality seeds are washed before pressing) has excellent omega-3 content.

It's unfortunate that it has such a low smoke point because it has an amazing nutritional profile for an oil. It's great as a salad/ bruschetta oil, though.

Looks like it's available in various capsule formats, but bottled varieties are very common.
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Whatever you get, keep it in the refrigerator. The smell, and taste, and probably efficacy, will be much better.
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Wow what a cutie, and she looks a lot like my tuxie girl. They’re the best.

Not a supplement suggestion, but have you tried using a metal-toothed slicker brush? Our girl loves hers so much and especially in the hot weather. It keeps her excess fur and dander at a minimum. She demands brushing constantly — it’s her favorite thing because we used brushing to socialize her as a young feral. We barely have any issues with shedding or dandruff and I attirbute this to that brush.
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Mine stopped having dandruff when I switched her to an all wet-food diet.
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I trained my dog to crunch up fish oil capsules himself - first I cut them in half with scissors (admittedly that part was super gross) and put the whole shebang on his food, then I started just poking a small hole in it for smell, then I was able to give it to him whole once he knew that he just had to bite it for tasty oil. It took maybe two weeks total for him to get that the boring-smelling capsules were delicious inside, and now I don’t have to get anywhere near the smelly part of things. Mixing it into something he was already crunching up (like dry food) might also have worked.
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I use the Nordic Naturals Omega 3 for cats and small dogs, which I got from my vet. (I likely paid too much for it, but honestly, it's lasting a long time, so it's a pretty small expense anyway.) It does have a slight fishy smell, but I don't notice it unless I am trying to notice it. I keep the bottle in the refrigerator. The box says to store it with the normal lid and not the dropper, but I disobey the directions and just keep the dropper in it at all times (the dropper is attached to a screw on lid for crying out loud, what did they think I was going to do).

Perhaps you will still hate this, but it has less of a fishy smell than any of the fish-based wet foods I feed the princess cat. Her dandruff was gone in a couple weeks or less.
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OMG the white eyebrow-whiskers make her eyes seem even googlier!
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