What to do in Cadiz this weekend?
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Cadiz in Southern Spain: your recommendations por favor?

At very short notice we are off to Cadiz tomorrow morning for 4 days. Flying in to Gibraltar and out of Jerez de la Frontera. We have booked accomodation and I know the Carnival lasts a week there but never having been there before I have no idea what that means! Any must see places, restauraunts, bars etc.,?
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I spent a lot of time in Cadiz when I was studying abroad in Sevilla a couple years ago. My most memorable (and drunken) time there was during Carneval. From what I remember, it was partying and craziness for 4 days straight (sort of a mix between New Orleans at Mardi Gras and Cancun on spring break). First off, make sure that you have accommodations, as I ended up sleeping in the train station for two nights (at 21, this didn't seem so bad). Secondly, be prepared for mass chaos and lots of drunk college kids. Consider yourself warned.

As far as non-Carneval Cadiz, it's a great beach town. Its history is fascinating (served as the entry point for the Muslims during Spain's holy wars), and the architecture is beautiful (very Arabic-looking). I really can't recommend any particular restaurants or anything, as I was there 5 years ago, and on a student's budget.

If you have time, you may want to try to get to Sevilla (about an hour by train, and a great day trip), and definitely spend some time in Gibraltar (but beware the monkeys - they'll steal your camera and food, and then throw them at you!).

You can e-mail me (info on my profile page) with any more questions. Have fun!
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Thanks, Elquien, I rememeber a few of those weekends myself, but further North in Leon where I lived! Long time ago! Sevilla and Cadiz are about the only major Southern cities I haven't visited so I'm really looking forward to it. Let you know what happens, :-)
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I was in Cadiz a couple of years ago for Carnival. The best part of the event was the choir groups (chirigotas, I think) who dressed in funky costumes and roamed the streets singing political and satirical songs. My Spanish wasn't quite up to understanding most of them but they were tremendous fun anyway. The pescado frito is very good in Cadiz and I think they are sort of famous for it - I highly recommend popping in a fish shop and ordering a kilo, it will be served in a cone made of newspaper. Have a great trip.
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Ah, Cadiz is a great place. Was there for a few days there in 2001 but most of the time was spent sitting at the port waiting for our old Land Rovers to be shipped by train from Valencia (idiot shipping company sent them to the wrong place). Anyway, outside Carnival, Cadiz is a really really chill place with seemingly few tourists -- very enjoyable. Cadiz is meant to have of the best Carnival celebrations in Spain, so be prepared for lots of people!

I'm afraid I don't have a ton of advice but one thing you'll want to do: if you can get in, you must eat at El Faro Restaurant. Holy god I had an out of body experience there the food was so good. It's down at the most south-westerly point of the city near La Caleta beach. Check it out -- amazing. Have an awesome time!!
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Man... When I was a kid my family lived in Rota for four years. I still dream of going back.

I remember a small out of the way restaurant on the road from the Naval Base at Rota to the town of Puerto de Santa Maria (where Columbus departed from). I want to say it was called La Fontana, but it's been more than twenty years and I couldn't say for sure that it'd still be there. It was a small place, family owned, with the best Pinchito's and Garlic Chicken this side of heaven.

I know my post isn't very helpful, but thanks for reminding me of some wonderful times. Enjoy your trip!
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I welcome all these posts which is why I'm not going to mark any as best. I will, however, come back and tell you where we went , and what we did ( OK most of it anyway!!) cos you guys clearly share my love for everything Spanish. I'm glad to meet you!
If you ever need the secret hidden places of Northern Spain, my e-mail addys in the profile.
Salud! amor y pesetas ( OK -OK Euros!)
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The short version.
Skip Cadiz and only go to Gibralter if you've had a lobotomy.
Go to Seville and just chill, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.
Also the wild, windy beaches near Tarifa are awesome. Hippies still exist but now they're all from northern Europe drive/live in camper vans, cool!

For the longer version e-mails in the profile
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