Do you have experience shipping luggage internationally?
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Do you have experience shipping luggage internationally and will you share it with me? I am interested in which companies you used, cost, and if you felt it was worth it. Details are inside.

Mr. Dame and I are planning a fairly complex trip this summer that warrants bringing one more bag than we usually bring. (We generally just have a carryon and a personal item each.) We won't need that bag till the second half of our trip (or at least we can pack to make that so) and the first half involves a lot more moving. That makes me think luggage shipping is the answer.

I've poked around a bit and it looks like it will cost us $157–$249 depending on company — I've looked at Luggage Free, Luggage Forward, etc. That seems as though it might be worth it if it works seamlessly and they really do deal with customs, etc. But I am very interested in other's experiences. Thanks!
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I have used Send My Bag twice, and was very happy with the service and the price both times. It went off without a hitch -- I was sending six large cases.
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Another company to add to your list: BikeFlights. (Yes, they ship boxes of stuff, not just bikes.) They have excellent prices and excellent customer service, though I've only used them for US-based domestic so far.

Avoid LugLess at all costs. Their customer service is nonexistent and reviews are abysmal.
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I used luggageforward to move from Korea to Japan. Me, my husband, and our dog, all of our lives in a few large suitcases. The thing was, with the dog, we really couldn't do as much lugging of the luggage as we would normally do, which is why we used luggageforward to start with -- so we could focus our carrying energies on keeping the pupper comfy.

I don't remember the cost, 'cause this was like 5 years ago. But I remember the service -- excellent. Zero stress at any phase, they were just there for me and on time with everything and everything was picked up and delivered in perfect condition, I've never used that kind of service before or since but I couldn't have asked for a better experience. With all the crap I had to deal with in that move, their performance really took a burden off me.
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An update for anyone who comes across this in the future: For shipping US to EU, they want an unbroken chain of travel documentation from start to finish. Since we don't have that, we'll have to courier the bag from within the EU.
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