SF Bay Area community college art classes
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What community colleges in the SF bay area (preferably south bay) offer art classes on nights/weekends? I've heard of City College in SF, but there must be more right! I'm particularly interested in drawing/painting focused classes geared towards beginners.
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Foothill College has an good line up of online classes, if that would interest you As far as art, I'm seeing they offer Fundamentals in Drawing and Digital Painting I/II during the summer session starting 7/1. In person classes can be seen at this link. Fundamentals of Art, Representational Drawing, Digital Painting I, etc are offered starting 7/1 also.
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I'm not sure if you're asking about summer session only or fall session as well, but I used to go to Mission College in Santa Clara. They have drawing and painting classes in the evenings. Many classes are geared towards beginners and I can say from experience that the quality of instruction is excellent.
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I think most of the community colleges have at least some art classes - especially the on-line versions. It is easy to search for evening or weekend options. Pick the ones closest to where you live and search away.
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Are you looking to get college credit, or is your main goal to become a really good drafstperson/ draw-er-or-painter ? Or maybe your ultimate goal is to become an abstract painter.. I'd love to have more info... Because if you're goal is other than college credit and your goal, at least as a foundation, is to draw really well (like realistically/so you can capture a likeness of a person or place), I think you could find good community college clasess that will teach that, but it will be a bit hit or miss. Foundaitonal drawing is not always taught well and varies tremendously based o the instructor. If that is the kind of background/foundation you seek, the one sort of place you would have better odds of finding it is at private ateliers, more than community colleges. Not to say you couldn't happen upon in a community college, just that it could be hit or miss.

I'll look for a couple links to bay area ataliers and edit this post in a minute..

If your not looking for this "serious" sort of foundation, feel free to disregard this thought : )

Ok - www.artrenewal.org/search

Bay area results included The Golden Gate Altelier in Oakland and the Sadie Valerie Altelier in .. SF if memory serves.

In general that site - www.artrenewal.org - is a really comprehensive background and will give you a better sense of what I was trying to get at , just articulated better than I managed it.
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