Frida Kahlo Museum - photography permit?
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Will be heading to CDMX next week and have reservations at many of the main attractions, including advanced tickets at the Frida Kahlo Museum. I read in a couple of spots that you have to have a permit to take photos? Does that include all photos? Or just photos with a camera that is not a phone? And if that is the case (I have an actual camera that I will want to take pictures with), how do I get a permit in advance?
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Best answer: Looks like you do need a permit. Fill out the form on that page and email it to
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Best answer: You do need a permit. A permit is 30 pesos, and you buy it at the 'ticket counter' (a table set up just inside the house):

-- To take pictures without flash inside the Museum rooms, you must buy a permit at the Museum ticket counter.
-- To take photographs in the courtyards and gardens of the Museum, permission is not required.

(Taken from the 'your visit' link above, under the 'tickets' tab. And TripAdvisor reviewers emphasize how strictly the policy is enforced. The embedded form gregr links may be for professional filmographers? Also, per the museum rules: Turn off your cell phone and other radio communications devices, from that first link, so bring your camera.)
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I was at this museum a few months ago. They were strict about this. And confirming that people buy the permits there.

And get there early, even with advanced tickets. It can be kind of a mess getting in.
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I was there in December, paid the 30 pesos and used my phone camera in plain view of employees without issue. Definitely definitely definitely get advance tickets.
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You will be given a sticker to wear if you buy a photo pass so they have a quick way of knowing if you paid and they do check.
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