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Where can I find these shoes?

So I recently was a dummy and tried to order these shoes from a scam site. I'm dealing with the charge-back, but I still want the shoes! I tried an image search, but I'm only finding them on likewise scammy sites I don't want to order from (like the one I linked). Also, I want them in women's if possible, but mostly I see them marketed for men. Hope me.
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At least one of the other shoes on the site appears to be lifted from this Etsy seller and the one you liked seems to match the style of stuff they have, so you might contact them and see if it was also taken from them or if they can make something similar. The Etsy seller could also be a fake, of course, so do your due diligence before ordering.
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The tricky bit will be finding wholecuts like these, but if you are just interested in women's leather oxfords in that general shape, try looking at Yoox women's lace-ups. They often have shoes of this general type. The link goes to a sort for women's flat and low-heeled lace-ups under $200 - you can of course refine on it by size.

Also check the Yoox men's oxfords if you wear anything north of a men's 7/40.
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That style of round, almost bulbous, upturned toe is super popular with a bunch of artisanal shoemakers - brands like layer-0, m_moria, a1923, guidi, all do something similar most years. Also look at Cherevichkiotvichki for women’s. Be warned, prices start at the nosebleeds and only head north, all this stuff is made by hand out of very small batch leathers, often with custom treatments.

I suspect the image is just ripped off another website. Looking through the rest of the men’s stuff, I recognize a few pairs clearly pulled from a similar source.
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[Note: I've pulled the link from the post since, yeah, if it's a scammy site it's probably best we just don't have a live link to it. The original link for reference is this:

Site doesn't seem dangerous to visit or anything, just shopper beware etc. Carry on.]

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Fluevog has a few pairs with similar vibes: CJRT and Feature Grant
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