Women are still looking for this poem
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There is a poem I have seen numerous times on social media - always as an image. It goes something like: "Women are arriving early to set up/ Women are staying late to clean up/ Women are listening to you/ Women are putting their own needs last..." Have you seen this poem?

It's maybe 40 lines long and I'm sure I don't have any of the exact words right, but all of the lines are in that format, and it's about invisible women's work (emotiona labor, organizing, etc.). It might use the spelling "womyn" or another alternative.
I'm honestly kind of shocked I can't find it by searching - hoping somebody can help me!
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Is it Sad Women by Daria Domitrovic?

Sad women always get up
to make breakfast for their children
To tell him, "have a nice day"
Sad women go to work and always do their best,
they make lunch and always sit last,
Sad women buy groceries on the way home,
make phone calls to hear someone's voice,
they are faithful to their promises,
Sad women take upon other's grief
Sad women comfort others and say
"everything will be okay,"
they don't let their sadness come out,
Sad women don't have time to be sad,
Sad women cry when the lights go out

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Response by poster: No - the tone is more positive, but it's a similar format.
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This isn't it, but your question made me think of Tishani Doshi's Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods, which is disturbingly GREAT.
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Best answer: by Cara Blouin

Womxn are making the food
Womxn are staying late
Womxn got here early
Womxn have just always been early risers
Womxn brought extra
Womxn are letting you use theirs
It’s no problem
Womxn are making the lesson plan because they couldn’t really teach with this one
Womxn are keeping the books
Womxn have it in a google doc
Womxn are making sure we get a photo while everyone is together
Womxn are emailing everyone about the reunion
Womxn are emailing everyone about the party
Womxn are figuring out how we’re all going to get there
Womxn are checking to make sure you have a ride
Womxn are walking you into the stairwell when you cry
Womxn are listening to your idea
Womxn are editing your proposal
Womxn don’t know how to write a grant but they are figuring it out and writing a grant
Womxn are making sure there are enough chairs
Womxn are making sure everyone gets to speak
Womxn are doing it in their free time
Womxn are listening to your story
Womxn are sending a reminder email about the trip
Womxn are telling you your strengths
Womxn are cleaning up the mess
Womxn are smiling through their fear
Womxn are getting up and finding another seat
Womxn are protecting your feelings
Womxn know, they know, but if they don’t do it it’s not going to get done
Womxn have a minute, sure, sit down, they’re just eating lunch
Womxn are repairing your soul
Womxn are giving feedback on your novel
Womxn are setting up the space
Womxn are concealing their rage
Womxn will do this one for you pro bono
Womxn are calling to see if you got the email about the trip
Womxn are remembering birthdays
Womxn understand why you’re acting that way
Womxn can see it from your side
Womxn can empathize
Womxn have time, sure

(Source where I found it online)
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I think I got it in the post above, but I'm throwing this poem that came up high in the search results here as a bonus: "If I Got Paid For All My Emotional Labor"
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Response by poster: Thank you!!
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Response by poster: Does anybody else have any officially sourced versions of the poem? Something connected with Cara Blouin herself?
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