Need a japanese toilet seat in Canada. Not crazy expensive
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So my mom has trouble with the wiping due to rheumetoid arthritis. My parents are planning a bathroom renovation. I'd like to buy them a japanesse toilet seat (having been to Japan and returned in love.) It should wash with not-freezing water and I guess it should dry or otherwise she'd have to wipe dry. I don't want to go crazy on price. They're not changing the toilet, so just the seat, not a toilet. Please recommend.
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Search Amazon for "bidet"s. There are a huge range of options and prices.
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Seconding nalyd's suggestion. Just search Amazon for "warm water bidet seat" and you'll find tons of options with lots of reviews.
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For the kind that replaces your existing toilet seat with one with bidet functionality, the Wirecutter calls this a "bidet toilet seat," and recommends several options currently in the ~$250-$500 USD price range. (To be clear, "bidets" are standalone fixtures that are separate appliances altogether from your toilet; you're looking for a "bidet attachment" to an existing toilet.)
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I have had close personal experiences with the Toto Washlet recommended in the Wirecutter article above, and I can say that it is really great and I want to add one to my house when it's feasable. It will need electricity, so make sure their renovation takes that into account.
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I've worked at a place that had installed add-on Toto bidet seats, and feel like they are the standard choice for what you want. It had a water jet + dryer, plus a whole control panel's worth options I mostly avoided.
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Check if the model you purchase requires hot water and/or electrical hookup. A standard toilet rough-in will just be cold water, so you’ll want to make sure the remodeling guys pipe and wire it correctly to suit your seat.
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I have a Brondell Swash CL950 and I love it. It heats its own water. It does need an electrical hookup. Bought it at best price, best warranty.
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Agree with Toto. If the toilet isn't comfort height, I'd replace that too.
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Toto. You can find them at Costco, even. Warm seat and water. you will want to work with the contractor for electrical and waterline being taken into account when remodeling.
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Seconding the Brondell, maybe the best thing I ever bought. It only needs a cold water feed, they include a tap fixture that connects to the hose feeding into your toilet, and an outlet. When I originally installed mine, I just ran an extension cord down the wall. I rebuilt the bathroom a few years later, and had the electrician add a GFCI outlet next to the shutoff valve.

It warns the water, heats the seat, has a blow dryer. I don't use any of these, I find the cold water refreshing, a warm seat disconcerting, and aren't bothered by a little water on my bum. My mom, who as some arthritis in her hands, loves all three.

I've seen them at Home Depot.
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My son and daughter-in-law got the Toto and loved it. (It didn't do much for me.) But when they moved to a new apartment, the Toto did not fit their toilet, not sure what the issue was. I suppose they could have gotten the entire toilet replaced, or maybe hired a contractor to do alterations, but it wasn't worth it to them, and they gave the device away to a friend. So just be aware that the Toto is not a universal plug & play type thing.
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Thanks, I would have gotten a Toto, but I measured their toilet and it doesn't meet the fit requirements. It does fit the requirements for the brondell, so I ordered that.
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