Literature based Geography class for Kinder/1st Grade - books needed
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In the fall, I will be teaching a geography class to kinder and first grade students. I would like to read a story from different countries/cultures as part of this, and potentially do a craft or something after we learn about the area. Please give me some good leads on potential storybooks that we could use.

Class will be 50 minutes, one day a week. We would cover a new area each week.

I would like stories that represent the area...ideally drawn to show characters in native outfits, doing things that kids or people do in those areas (games or songs) and can include things like fables or animal stories that parents might traditionally tell their children. I will base the craft/art/activity that we do off of the book, so I will need to know some good books first.

Please open my eyes to the world of literature that I probably missed living in small towns. Thanks.
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My five year old loooooooves this book and always wants to answer along with the kids interviewed. It’s less about culture and more about day to day habits of younger children and she finds it fascinating.
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You might find some good resources on the booklist at the bottom of this page . It's the "Around the World" kindergarten level of the "Build Your Library" literature-based homeschool curriculum.
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