Mutual Assured Bluetooth NonDiscovery
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My bluetooth headphones can't discover the AV Receiver...and vice versa.

Due to hearing issues, I need to use Nuraphone headphones to watch TV (LG OLED55B7P), but the phones must be "discovered", and same for my AV receiver (Denon AVR-S640H). That is, neither has the ability to discover outward.

My TV can discover the headphones, but I hear no audio, apparently because TV Audio Switching is on and HDMI pass-through is "off" (and need to be, or else worse problems arise).

Did I buy the wrong AV receiver? Do I need to replace it with one that can actively discover Bluetooth devices?
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Is it possible to discover and pair both of them with a tablet or phone? Not suggesting that as a permanent solution, I'm just curious as to what happens. My tablet appears to only connect with one receiver at a time, but I don't have Bluetooth headphones to see if they exclude a receiver. (I would think they wouldn't, but, y'know.)
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AFAIK, the "bluetooth" function in A/V receivers is to allow you to stream to the receiver (i.e. send the signal from your iPod/phone what have you) to the receiver to be amplified and played through the hard wired speakers. I don't think it's designed to work as a bluetooth transmitter for use with wireless headphones. My guess is that you'll need to purchase a little bluetooth transmitter and connect it to the headphone output of the receiver.
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