Best oncologist in Toronto - or elsewhere - for RCC?
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Best oncologist in Toronto for renal cell carcinoma requested. As well, best such people anywhere in the US or Europe.

Thank you.
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Best answer: Hi, seven years post-RCC surgery here. I can recommend a good surgeon here in Chicago, but never saw an oncologist (just a urologist) so can't help you there. MeMail me for the surgeon's name, or if I can help any other way.
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If it were someone in my family, I would send them to the Genitourinary Site Group at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. I work at the Princess Margaret as a basic research scientist and am always impressed with how knowledgeable and smart my clinical colleagues are. It's the largest cancer research and treatment program in Canada. Among other things, this means there is access to clinical trials for new treatments not available in smaller programs. I was also happy with my care as an inpatient at another branch of the University Health Network.
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