Billiards or Pool around Metrowest, MA
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Hi folks! Last time I can find on AskMe that this was asked was more than ten years ago... I'm looking for good pool/billiards rooms, or bars that have multiple billiards tables, preferably around the Cambridge, Belmont, Arlington, Watertown, Waltham, Lexington area or inside the 128 belt, west and northwest of the city. I know of King's in Burlington (that's about as far-out as I'd want to travel from Belmont) and Flat-Top Johnny's in Cambridge/Kendall, but are there any other hidden gems between them? Thanks!
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Best answer: Diesel in Somerville has two tables. It alllllmost makes up for the fact that the photobooth doesn't work anymore. State Park in Kendall isn't my vibe anymore but they had one table. And Allston Billiards (in Allston) apparently has multiple tables but I haven't been in person yet.
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Sacco's Boll Haven use to have a single table.
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Best answer: The only real pool room I know about is Amazin Billiards 40 Faulkner St, Malden. They have billiards tables and one snooker table.
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