Where to buy (womens) leather jacket in SF bay area
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I just want a classic, black, leather jacket that will be with me for the next decade+. Right now, I have plans to try some on at All Saints. What other stores should I pop into?

Bonus points if you've had success buying a leather jacket and you have athletic / climbing shoulders.
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Johnson Leathers will tailor a leather jacket to order. They specialize in motorcycle jackets but I've seen several very nice jackets they've made for everyday wear.
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The classic Ramones motorcycle jacket is a Schott, which is available pretty widely. It'll last the rest of your life and likely the life of whoever you leave it to.
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I should add that I've known several women who wore them.
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I was coming in to recommend Schott as well.
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If you are interested in vintage maybe try Wasteland on Haight.
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I apologize that I don't have a suggestion, but I can offer a caution- Allsaints leather jackets are extremely adorable but the leather is thin/subpar quality and doesn't seem to hold up over time. I've purchased secondhand and they've looked fairly worn after only a few years, and that sentiment has been echoed by other people I've heard from/read online about. General advice is buy for the style but be careful of tears and only buy at reduced prices.

Thread about leather longevity
Thread about thin leather tearing
^(mens' fashion forum, but still valuable insight)
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Seconding Johnson's on Polk near Jackson.

I have a 20+ year old jacket from them that I get comments on all the time. My wife has one of similar vintage that was made-to-measure (and is not motorcycle-weight). Both still look great, and will probably last another decade.
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One thing I'm realizing I should add is that, if you've never owned a jacket made of thick leather before, you should know going in that those things can be WARM. I had a Schott cafe-racer style jacket that I used as my main NYC winter jacket for nearly a decade. The leather was so thick that it absolutely locked in heat, and was unwearably hot in any temperature over like 55 degrees. Definitely something to consider!
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