Eating on Cape Cod with vegetarians and kids
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Looking for recommendations for dinner spots within a reasonable drive of Chatham, MA that will appear to both vegetarians and kids (and vegetarian kids). We've already got a pizza place lined up, so non-pizza recommendations will be especially valuable. Thanks, hivemind!
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Do the vegetarians eat any combination of fish, shellfish, dairy and/or eggs?
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If Vietnamese is OK, and if a drive to South Yarmouth is reasonable (about a half-hour, I guess), we've enjoyed visiting a casual, unpretentious joint called Thuan Loi. The menu is online and all of the vegetarian dishes seem to be tofu-based, in case that's a positive or negative. Emphasis on the "unpretentious," though. The food is delicious and it's family friendly but did I mention casual? Not for you if you want much in the way of ambience.

About a half-hour in the other direction, toward Wellfleet, you could go upscale with PB Boulangerie Bistro. I've never had any of their vegetarian pastas but judging from what I have eaten, they're probably pretty tasty. If you want to go, you'll want a reservation as it's a small place and sometimes quite busy. (I know this is a question about dinner, but if you find yourself heading that way in the morning, the pastries and such from the patisserie are excellent.)
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Response by poster: Do the vegetarians eat any combination of fish, shellfish, dairy and/or eggs?

Lacto-ovo vegetarians - I should have been more specific.
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