Things to do with a five year old in Austria
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We're planning a trip to Austria in August. We plan to stay around three days each in Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. We've found based on past trips that things work best if we get an early start to our day, do one big thing that interests everyone, take a coffee break, have a late lunch, then head back to the hotel for some downtime in the afternoon. My daughter and wife aren't huge on extended trips to museums or galleries. All of us enjoy concerts, although they're best if short for the kid. Adventure playgrounds, swimming, and climbing walls rate very highly. Light hiking is great; we'd though about taking a funicular up a mountain, then walking part way down. I'd be grateful for recommendations!
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In Vienna, the Haus Der Music (a music museum) is really kid friendly - not too big with interactive exhibits. The Zoo is great too and has a nice playground. The aquarium is in an old Flak tower with a climbing wall on the side, possibly two activities in one (check for construction closure, though). There are quite a few cafes that have play spaces if that's something your daughter would be into. Robinson playground was one of the many more interesting playgrounds I bookmarked and didn't make it to on my last trip (but the little city playgrounds we went to were all great!)
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Schloss Hellbrunn in south Salzburg. Trick fountains in the garden! You'll get splashed, and you'll wonder at the water-powered automatons from the seventeenth century that still work. Looks like the palace park also has a playground (link directly to palace's website).
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Hi, we'll be in Vienna in August as well, with day trips to Linz, for Mauthausen, and Budapest. I can post my whole list of things we're going to try to do later, but it will be Vienna focus, and more adult than children's activities.
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There are many kinderspielplatzes (playgrounds) around! And a kid’s museum in Vienna. There was a big bier garden in Salzburg that had an outdoor garden area great for kids (it was too long ago for me to remember where). I highly recommend the funicular and gondola/hiking combo.
Have a great time!
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Seconding Hellbrunn! I was so amazed by all the trick fountains as an adult that I went twice. A kid would love it.

When I was there they had a daytime tour in which you'll likely get a bit wet, and a more gentle evening tour.
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The Salzburg Marionette Theatre!
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It's been a long time, one of the few things I remember about visiting Austria when I was a kid was visiting a salt mine near Salzburg. It looks like there a few of them.
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Any chance you've got a horse crazy daughter? If so, a stop by the Spanish Riding School is a must. Even if you only go for a practice season (which is much, much cheaper than attending a full performance), it's still a wonderful opportunity to watch the horses and riders perform some impressive moves.
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Thank you, everyone! Some great suggestions here.
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Konigsee is absolutely beautiful. You can take a boat ride across the lake, picnic, and head back all in a few hours (or stay to hike around). Was a highlight of my trip to that area.
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The salt mine in Salzburg is wonderful.
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Okay, I feel like I need to clarify my previous statement a bit.

The practice session at the SRS is more like watching a figure skater warm up or a hockey player doing shooting and skating drills. If you appreciate the skill and talent the athletes have then it's fascinating to watch. It's just nothing like an actual, choreographed performance when it comes to the scope and grandeur of the presentation.

I didn't have the opportunity to take in a performance when I was in Vienna, so I can't comment on how formal the atmosphere is or how difficult it would be for a five-year-old to sit through it. My parents, however did take me to see the the show when it was on tour in Canada eons and eons ago. I think I must have been about seven or eight (so a bit older than your daughter), and I loved it.
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