What was up with this egg?
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Can’t believe I’m asking this, but I haven’t been able to find an answer. I’m relatively new to eating eggs, didn’t touch them for pretty much my whole life. Decided to make scrambled eggs this morning, grabbed an egg, and cracked it on the side of a bowl. However, it didn’t crack, but instead got some impact damage. I opened it with my hands and the inside was a solid orange mass. Didn’t look at it too closely. So... what was up with this egg? Thought it might be frozen, but 2 others eggs were fine.
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A brief foray into some forum posts comes up with “frozen egg”, especially if one part of the carton is closer to the element than the others.
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When you say solid, do you mean solid color or solid state? If it was liquid and just solid in color, I’ll guess that you just broke the yolk and it blended with the white.

If it was solid state, I have never seen that and I don’t really know, but I’ll guess that it really was frozen. Maybe it was closer to the rear of the fridge than the others?
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Found this, which says that freezing the yolk will break the membrane surrounding it, causing it to mix with the white and create a solid color throughout. So it sounds like your egg either is or was frozen.
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In my experience this can happen when an egg dries out (like an egg that's been in the fridge for a while or had some teeny crack in the outside so the inside dried out). All that's left is the gummy yolk.
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I have absolutely had some eggs in the carton freeze before others. And it was exactly as you describe.
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Yep, frozen egg.
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