Help me find drawing about not celebrating Mother's Day?
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For a few years, I've noticed around Mother's Day in the USA people sharing a drawing that describes people who might not want to celebrate Mother's Day. Can you help me find that drawing? (extended description of drawing inside)

I thiiiink there's a handwritten sentence or two in English at the top of the drawing that explains that not everyone celebrates Mother's Day. Underneath the text, there's 2 or 3 rows of drawings of bouquets of flowers. Beneath each bouquet, there's a hand-written description of someone who might not want to celebrate Mother's Day. I can't remember them all, but I think one description was something like "someone whose mother has died" and another one was "someone who wants to be a mother but is unable to be a mother". I feel there were about 8-12 different bouquets, each with a different description beneath.

I have tried googling, but I'm coming up short. Can you help me find the drawing I'm describing? Thanks!
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Is it this?
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Hoo, my mind remembered it being more elaborate, but I'm almost certain that's what I was thinking of. Thanks, cozenedindigo!
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