Are fingernails (spec. lines) a sign of health issues?
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Does your state of health show up in fingernail health/appearance? e.g. easily broken? lines?
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Yes. I had severe ridging, which dissipated when my life-threatening anemia was finally detected and treated. It was one of many symptoms my doctors didn’t pick up on, even though I asked if it meant anything.

There are lots of articles online about what nail problems can indicate. Here’s one from Mayo Clinic.
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On the other hand, it might just be a fungus. So don't panic, but definitely see a doctor about it.
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Note that in the NCBI study linked above, 35% of the control group also had nail changes.
My personal issue has been longitudinal striations and brittle nails. Apparently this is common as people age. What has helped me is a combination of (1) using lotion on the nail beds to moisturize (2) biotin and keratin supplement and (3) clear nail polish. The research was not compelling that any of these would help but the combination has made an observable difference for me.
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If you wash your hands several times a day and/or use cleaning products, that can also cause weak nails.
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In my experience, rigid and weak nails are directly tied to gut health and digestion.
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My super soft and shitty nails got much better when my hypothyroid was diagnosed and treated. They still go through periods of being soft and splitty and terrible, especially when I am stressed and unhappy. I also try to always wear gloves when I do dishes and that helps a bit.
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Yes. Nails are one of the parts looked at in a nutrition focused physical exam. Ridging and clubbing and spooning can be indicative of anything from anemia to protein malnutrition. Usually this will be noted and followed up on by the physician (to run more tests to make sure everything is OK)
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