Mentor/protégée stories
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I’m looking for positive fictional stories of mentors and protégées. I’m not necessarily looking for stories of teachers and students, but 1:1 mentorships that bring out the best in both parties.
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I haven't seen it in 20 years but I think "finding forrester" fits the bill...
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Do you like mysteries? Try Thomas Perry's Death Benefits.
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Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse

Yes, seriously.
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Luke and Yoda. Beatrix Kiddo and Pai Mei. Rey and Luke.
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Good Will Hunting
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Nicholas Nickleby
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The Farthest Shore. You might want to read the first two Earthsea books for context too.
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Training Day.
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The Good Place! What especially like about it is the reciprocity - everyone is learning from each other. Bringing out the best in each other is pretty much the thesis statement of the show.
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Educating Rita!
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