Fighting U.S. concentration camps
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Are any organizations fighting against the U.S. concentration camps? I am thinking of through courts or protests. I would like to support that effort through donations or otherwise. I am a U.S. citizen, in case that makes any difference.

This question is not about about directly or through donations helping the migrants to the United States along their journey. I know organizations that are helping the migrants with food, shelter, supplies, etc.

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This is a list with regular updates. The last I heard, RAICES was particularly well run and includes lawyers.

If you want to support a popular grassroots protest org, look into Mijente.
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I asked a related question here about a year ago. Also asked lots of other places and came up with this list. My goal there was finding California-specific organizations but I ended up collecting resources for many states, also national.

ACLU has taken the lead in a lot of the legal battles, including specifically the problem of trying to reunite stolen children with their parents. They're a good one-stop donation for legal advocacy. Note you can donate to either the ACLU or the ACLU Foundation which qualifies as a 501(c)(3) tax deductible charity and may be eligible for employer matching.
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Absolutely, RAICES.
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Nthing RAICES.

They even have a separate fund that they take donations for, to hire legal representation to help out unaccompanied children in the US Immigration court system.
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