Surely there is an app for this
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I am looking for an iOS app that will let me log housework tasks as I complete them - a reverse to-do list.

I am NOT looking for a traditional to-do list or a scheduler. I do not want to plan ahead, just to log what I have already completed.

All the housework-specific apps seem to focus on planning these recurring tasks in advance. Generic task management apps want me to set up daily/weekly routines. But I really don’t want to be pestered about the floor-mopping being overdue, and planning a daily list in advance is not helpful right now because what I can do varies hugely day-to-day. What I’m looking for is more like a time tracker, but for specific tasks - “4 loads of laundry” rather than “16 minutes spent on laundry”.

What I want to be able to do with it is answer questions like “how many loads of dishes have I done this week?” or “when did I last water the windowboxes?”

I know I could do this with a paper checklist stuck to the fridge, but it’s 2019, surely there’s an app somewhere.
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You might find better luck misusing a traditional to do app. I use Due and love it. If you turn off notifications you could set tasks to refresh on a daily basis and they’d just reappear every morning. Due keeps a log of activities so if you didn’t mind ignoring “late” notifications it would work to track activity.
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Best answer: This iPhone app seems to do what you’re looking for. Read the reviews—apparently some features aren’t obvious.
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I would use Google Sheets for this kind of thing. I'd keep things in reverse chronical order to avoid scrolling
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I do that using Google Keep and a check list of thing to do. I can check off activities as needed. Then when done I can uncheck the list to do it again.
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This is a niche use case so you probably won’t find an app that was purpose-built for this, but you could potentially use a habit-tracking app. For example, if you set up 10 “habits” (unload dishes, load dishes, clean counters, do laundry, vacuum, etc) you could tick them off for each day you accomplished them. Alternately, a google spreadsheet might work best, if you’re trying to get granular.
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What about some sort of diary/notes app with dated entries? Could be as complex or as minimal as you like
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Would you be happy with inputting "did laundry" four times on days when you did four loads of laundry?

If so, Daylio may work for you -- you can set 'load of laundry' as an activity that you record; the app also backs up into google drive, so you can do analysis via spreadsheet.
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You could set up a Siri Shortcut for this like to automate making a text file with what you did and a time stamp. I made a similar one to remember where I park.
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If you only need something simple with no data output, you could just set up a calendar called Housework or something in the provided Calendar app and enter things like Laundry 4, Dishes 2, Water plants, etc. as you do them (disregarding the time if that doesn't matter). Then to see what you've done, either Search for "Laundry" to get a list of all Laundry entries from the last year, or touch a day on the default calendar display and get a scrollable chronological list of all jobs done on all days.
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Best answer: I like the Daily Tracker app. It's very flexible, and will probably do what you want.
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A habit-tracker might be the way to go, with a couple of mods: you'd want to set the desired frequency of the task very low so it doesn't try to guilt-trip you for "breaking the streak", and a lot of apps have a couple of categories of tasks (things you try to do as often as possible vs things on a schedule, vs positive/negative balance, etc) so choosing that right could make all the difference. I don't have a specific app recommendation; I don't remember if the last one I used had a way to compile by date or not (eg when was the last time I ___) but that doesn't seem impossible to find.
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I create additional Reminder lists in the default Reminders app. One for household things that need to be done throughout the year (change water filters, have the boiler serviced, etc), and another for household chores like clean the bathroom, take recycling to the transfer station, etc. Just don't put a due date and they stay there.

So I have multiple reminder lists in Reminders. Private, my Wife's (she shares with me), a Household tasks, Chores, Ideas for work, etc.
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