What bad word or phrase does “Unique” sound like in Arabic?
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Earlier today, I was teaching some vocabulary to a few Arabic-speaking students, and they cracked up incredulously over the word “unique.” Can someone please let me know why it’s funny? I’m so curious! I’m pretty sure they speak the Levant dialect, if that factors in.
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Best answer: It means "he fucks."

Edit: a friend clarified that it sounds like the imperative "(you) fuck" said to a man.
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Response by poster: Ohhhhhh! Yep, that makes sense. Thank you!
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(Not sure if it’s relevant but many Arabic speaking places are also Francophone. “niquer” is “to fuck” in French... the name “Nicky” is not popular.
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The French niquer (probably) comes from the Arabic word: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/niquer
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