Where to stop by for some late evening live music in Nashville?
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I'll be in Nashville Wednesday and Thursday next week with some colleagues for work. We'll be very busy during daytime hours, but if there's time in the evenings we'd like to see some live music at whatever bars, pubs, or other venues are easy to drop-in. I don't know how late the nightlife goes on weekdays, but later is definitely better for us schedule-wise. So what would be some good places to check out? Being Nashville, we mostly have in mind country, bluegrass, and folk but any genre is fine.
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Best answer: Robert's Western World is fun, free, and open late.
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I love the Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar! Live music every night. I've never failed to have a good time there.
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Douglas Corner Cafe is open until midnight, one of our favorite places to go
2106-A 8th Ave S

Bluebird Cafe is iconic, but is a small space with a tiny parking lot, might look at website and see if you would need tickets ahead of time
4104 Hillsboro Pike

3rd and Lindsley is a great downtown location and open until 1am
816 3rd Ave S

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Best answer: The Station Inn is an old-school bluegrass refuge in the middle of the gleaming towers of the Gulch. I highly recommend it.
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The 5 Spot in East Nashville.
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