iPhone App to take pictures/video and capture text about them
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I would like to take pictures/video with an app that prompts me for text descriptions every time (force me to provide context for the image/video). I will be using this content for a large work presentation and don't want to use social media apps. I use Windows 10, Box, Office 365 products, and have an iPhone 8. Is there an iPhone app that: 1. takes picture/video 2. forces me to enter a text descriptions (and maybe capture location/date/time details) 3. stores results someplace easily accessible (preferably in an Office/Windows app) for use in a PowerPoint presentation. Ease of use is paramount, as I will be on a tour and won't be able to spend too much time with each picture. Thanks!
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DayOne is a journaling app with a built-in camera function. While it doesn't *force* you to type a caption, when you snap a photo (up to 10 at a time) and hit Done, it automatically brings up the captioning box. It also will encapsulate date, time, location, and weather information with the photo entry. You can then export to various services. Since you're an O365 user, export to OneDrive pops up in the share screen, which would make them available on your other O365 devices.
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I may have found an answer to my own question.

Box has a mobile app called 'Capture' that does much of what I am looking to do. I can take a picture, add comments to it, rename the file, select or create a Box cloud folder, and upload when I have internet access. Captures images, video, scans, audio.

In Box website, I can see all the details, file by file.

Pretty slick!
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