ADD/ADHD Psychiatrists in the Bay Area
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Hi all, I'm looking for any recommendations for specialists in ADD/ADHD in the Bay Area (preferably South Bay).

I was previously diagnosed with ADHD a decade ago - and after losing my previous psych after moving across the country, have been stuck in paralysis trying to find someone here. Ideally, I'm looking for someone that had availability during evenings or weekends - and is not opposed to assisting me with medication if appropriate.

So far, I've seen some mentions of the Bay Area Center for ADD/ADHD - and a couple one-off psychiatrists, but have been unable to find real reviews or first-person experiences. Does anyone have any recommendations, or tips on where to look? Thanks!
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I can recommend Patrica Robinson MFT but unfortunately she is in Danville. She helped me tremendously when I was first diagnosed. The Bay Area Center might be your best bet though as finding someone to manage both your meds and therapy/coaching is difficult. Good luck!
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I have some very limited experience looking into this with someone in Los Altos/San Jose. Memail me for details.
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