Getting into the London Startup scene?
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I've had a whole range of jobs, starting at a startup (a job I got through word of mouth), into Government, then a University and now a charity. I've come to the conclusion I need to be back in a startup because it's the most innovative, fast-paced and problem-solving environment.

I'm technical and have a PhD in engineering and am interested in and good at strategy and communications. Trouble is, I think I need to talk to people to secure my next role...but I don't know how to break in. I'd love suggestions of meet-ups and groups to join and any other advice going!
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Do you mean tech start-ups? Your question is a bit vague. Can you give more detail on what types of roles or companies you might find interesting, or who you want to talk to?

If you are female, London-based and you want to work in a tech startup, join Ada’s List.
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LondonTechWeek is now, both paid and free events.

There're lots of meetups, interest groups, conferences.

I disagree that the startup scene is the most innovative, fast-paced, and problem-solving. There's plenty of opportunity in other fields for those skills, even (especially) charity. Here's a TED talk by Dan Pallotta about new ways to think about charity.
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Presumably you’re in London? There’s always Silicon Milk Roundabout, but the next one isn’t till November.
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A lot of startups are in The Cloud; Cheryl Hung runs Cloud Native London. They're professionally-managed events, so you're guaranteed to come away with some nice pizza, if not some contacts.
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