Clearance menswear in central London
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Are there any central London clothing stores that have a decent-sized menswear clearance section?

I was in Edinburgh over the weekend and went to Jenners, which has a whole floor of clearance menswear. I'll be in London this evening (just can't get enough of those British capital cities) with a few hours to kill before meeting my friends for dinner and was wondering if any of the big department stores reliably have a similar area (or even just a reliably decent-sized sale rack, it doesn't have to be a whole floor).

In terms of what I like, it's fairly basic stuff - I do most of my clothes shopping at places like H&M, M&S and Tesco. I'm generally in the market for trousers, shirts, blazers and jumpers. I'm not fashionable enough or care what is or isn't in season, I just want some discount basics. Dinner is on Shaftesbury Avenue but anywhere reasonably central should be doable. Thanks!
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I'm partial to the menswear section of TK Maxx on Tottenham Court Road. I know, the entire thing is a discount shop in nature but it's pretty great!
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