Anti Father's Day fun in DC
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For a variety of reasons, my partner and I aren't celebrating Father's Day this year. Please help us find some local counter programming.

We are looking for fun things to do in and around Washington DC this weekend that are NOT Father's Day focused. Things we usually like to do (Museums! Parks! Brunch!) all seem intensely family focused right now, and that's not at all what we're looking for.

Can you help us find something couple oriented but not family focused so we don't dwell on this upcoming day?

(I'm trying to keep this positive, but this both hurts and sucks. Kindness welcomed.)

Thank you!
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The By the People art festival starts this weekend, it’s only their second year but (as a single adult) it didn’t seem especially family-oriented last time, at least not where I was. 730DC is a newsletter of events that also tends to be more adult-skewing. (Sorry I can’t link from here, but they should both be easily findable.)

I hope you find something fun and gentle on yourself.
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If you can get out to Centreville, Spa World might be a fun day excursion! It's a Korean bathhouse, with gender segregated "bade pools" (basically pools at varying temperatures & steam rooms) & coed saunas. You can get massages & similar stuff there for extra, or just enjoy the heated jets of water in the pool. There are some families there, but I see plenty of friends & couples just hanging out and relaxing. There's a no electronics policy in the pool area, but you're allowed to bring books, phones, music players, etc into the shared spaces/saunas. If you're looking for a chill, laid-back unique experience & "#self-care", I'd check Spa World out!
And once you're done, you can hit up some Korean bakeries in the area for snacks and coffee to linger over and chat.
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If you can get tickets, I’d try to see a matinee of Love’s Labor’s Lost at the Folger Theatre. Full disclosure: I’m not familiar with the play or this particular production but theater is good escapism. Barring that, go see some movies? Atlantic Plumbing is a cool theater and on Sunday, they’ll be showing Booksmart, Shaft, Dark Phoenix and Rocketman. Sort of related: Arlington Cinema Drafthouse will be showing the USWNT soccer game at noon.
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I'm a recent fan of renting a kayak and getting out on the Potomac (personally I like the area around Navy Yard, but Georgetown is perfectly fine too.) I'm sure there may be some families out on the water but folks are usually spread out enough that you don't notice other kayakers at all.

Barring that, if you're so inclined, maybe try some sort of new exercise class together (solidcore or something equally tough will be mostly people coming alone, with maybe a few couples sprinkled in)?
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N-thing SpaWorld! Just a note that in the sex-segregated spaces (the pools), clothes are not allowed and everyone is naked. You should just know that going in so you aren't surprised! For the co-ed spaces, they give you these weird orange/khaki shorts and shirts sets that are not very flattering, but it's part of the charm. There's a little cafe and some TVs and comfy couches out there too. I would recommend bringing your own toiletries (comb, moisturizer, your own shampoo/conditioner if you don't want to use the $2 Suave stuff they have by the showers, any makeup, I've also seen women do face masks in the pool as well) to freshen up, and also to make a dinner reservation for afterwards. Sitting in pools and saunas all day makes you hungry!
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