Montreal thrift stores?
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Rainy day in Montreal and I would love to find some thrift stores

Online searching hasn't helped too much. We are staying near Mcgill. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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The one I know best is the one closest to us, Renaissance on Mont-Royal. (1330, Du Mont-Royal Avenue East, Montreal Quebec H2J 1Y5). That's a fairly large chain of thrift stores, so you can look around their site and search for others.

There is a large Village des Valeurs at Pie IX and Ontario. I have never been in, so I can't say too much about it -- only that it looks big from the outside. (Hélico Café is a lovely cafe in the area if you make it out there.) That's another chain.

The other places I know are less thrift shops and more antique/vintage shops, which doesn't sound like what you're looking for. But let me know if I'm wrong. Hope this is some small help.
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* Eva B (2015 St Laurent) is a really fun & eclectic vintage/thrift store. They have a cafe and they often give you free popcorn when you come in. Upstairs they have some more expensive clothes which can be fun to look at.
* Le Magasin du Chaînon (4375 St Laurent) isn't too far from you.
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A street I'd normally suggest you try, Saint-Hubert, is under heavy excavation and reconstruction this summer, and while you can walk along the sides of the dig, it's not the pleasantest experience. However, they do have a Salvation Army store at 7066 (there are others), a Fripe-Prix Renaissance at 6960, and Friperie des Valeurs at 6853, meaning you can drop up to Jean-Talon metro station (follow the exit signs to Saint-Hubert), pop around the corner and have a look at all 3 of them, and then you'll find yourself close enough to the Jean-Talon farmers' market for lunch, coffee and/or food shopping.

Saint-Laurent Street, just beyond the market, is the main street of Little Italy, and also has attractions in food (Milano Italian grocery, plus a range of restos, not all Italian), coffee (Caffè Italia! Conca d'Oro! San Simeon!) and places for beer (Birra, Saint Houblon, Vices & Versa). Then if you've had enough, you can go another step to St-Urbain where you can catch the 55 bus down close to where you're staying.
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If you're looking for higher-end stuff, Ruse Boutique at 5141 St Laurent has a nicely curated collection of second-hand designer stuff.
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Oh, and... on Saint-Hubert, the SQDC is at 6872.
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