Biscuit / Cookie Loving US based MeFites! What's Good n Oaty?
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I live and am from the UK near London. My Friend lives and is from Manhattan USA and we've agreed a snack food exchange. They have requested Plain Hobnob biscuits. What else can I send they might like?

I know there is a vernacular confusion that sometimes happens here, but in the UK Biscuit means what most US people refer to as Cookies and *Not* Biscuits as in Biscuits and Gravy (which most people in the UK call Dumplings)..

But I digress.

So considering my friend has expressed a need for Plain Hobnobs, I know that oaty biscuits are their kinda thang. So What else that's Oaty, Biscuit like, and hard to find (or is at least is prohibitively expensive) in the USA, but is available in the UK can I send?

Please note we both agree that Marmite is the Devil's Toejam, and would prefer to keep recommendations focused on the Biscuit/Cookie arena, or at least crunchy/oaty snack adjacent.

Thank you !
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Nairn's oatcakes are relatively findable these days in the US, but the biscuit varieties are not: the stem ginger or fruit and spice ones sound nice to me.
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I have never seen McVities Digestives Milk/ Dark chocolate or versions of it sold in the US (although my information could be out of date), so that's an option.
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Possibly ANZAC biscuits, if you want include other parts of the Commonwealth.
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Seconding Nairn's biscuits, especially the fruit and spice ones. (Actually I haven't eaten those for ages and had forgotten about them- must go buy a packet!)

Nutrigrain raisin breakfast bars? They are a bit oaty, and are yummy.
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Borders' Dark Chocolate Ginger biscuits (not oaty, but crunchy and amazing)
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McVities Digestives Milk/ Dark chocolate are in fact available here in many specialty stores in Manhattan, but they are always a nice treat to have!
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On the savoury side of things, Rude Health does a delicious line of snacks they call oaties: The Oaty, Ginger & Turmeric Oaty, Spelt Oaty, Rye Oaty. AFAIK these aren't available in the US.

For sweet stuff, do they still make Abbey Crunch biscuits these days? They were ace.
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Some kind of flapjack? I don’t have a suggested brand, but it’s a classic UK oaty snack.
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Shortbread also good, although Walkers is fairly available. Is there another brand like that? I might also suggest tossing in a tube of Smarties...
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If you're going for flapjack, I'd suggest Stoats porridge oat bars, they come in a few different flavours. Should post well.

I've an American friend who requested Kit-Kats sent to her, I don't know if that's because they don't exist over there, or just that our version tastes better. But I happened to find the pink ones on sale recently and sent her some of those. And a tube of all-orange Smarties, since nkknkk mentions those!

Seconding Border's biscuits - mm mmmm.
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If this is Manhattan, New York, New York - we have quite a few places where we can purchase UK goods. Myers of Keswick may be the most well known of this ilk and they list what they've got thats currently available. I suppose you'd be saving your friend a trip to the village but prices in nyc being what they are - UK biscuits are generally not prohibitively expensive imo. This should give you an idea of what's easy to get here vs what's not. Note the link is just to the biscuit section so take a wander if you're interested in what else they carry.
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There isn't, plain Hobnobs are the best. Just send a case.
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Hovis crackers.

From Wiki- "Now produced by United Biscuits, Hovis biscuits are sweet enough to be eaten on their own, with their slow release carbohydrates, dunked, or are bland enough to be taken as a savoury snack with a cheese topping."

They are so good with Boursin spicy red pepper cheese.

I always always want Club bars- preferably Orange.
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do they still make Abbey Crunch biscuits these days?

Le Crunch de l'Abbaye n'est plus. There are recipes that approximate it. (In passing, the Cape Breton oatcake is legit though every recipe you'll find online is different.)

I've seen chocolate Digestives in the US (milk, not dark) but not unchocolate Hobnobs. And yes, flapjacks are good but they're not biscuits.
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I am a snack-loving US-based person somewhat familiar with the tiny "British food" shelf in the international aisle of my local supermarket. When I went to London I was prepared to be unimpressed; I know the digestives and the hobnobs and the jammie dodgers... The thing that absolutely floored me was McVities Ginger Cake. That stuff is delicious!! And I'd never heard of it! While I know I could search it out in US specialty stores, I've never seen it in casual supermarket shopping.
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I can also get Hobnobs at Stop and Shop in Boston, but I can't get Jaffa Cakes. So maybe those??
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nthing flapjacks....which are a synonym for pancakes this side of the pond

maybe oatibix?
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Jaffa cakes! In all the flavors!!!
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Another vote for assorted varieties of Border biscuits, although the oat crumbles (probably the best bet) are quite crumbly and may not transport well. Other UK biscuits (besides Hobnobs, especially chocolate ones) that I miss: McVities chocolate digestives, McVities ginger nuts, Walker stem ginger and shortbread (these are easier to find in the US), Fox's crunch creams (especially the ginger ones), and very occasionally, Jaffa cakes.
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Chocolate Trek Bars
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