What bag is this - might be British WW1 or WW2
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What is this bag - and from that I can maybe I can pin down where to buy one?

I bought a bag like this years ago - I am pretty sure I bought it from a War Surplus store in London in the later 1960s - the shop was a popular, well-known shop at the the time.

I don't know what happened to the bag I had - lost in the mists of time - but I saw one like it at the Town and Country Show in Cambridge last weekend and took this photograph - you can see it here https://cloudup.com/cc3TF86A38X

The one in the photo is more roughly sewn than the one I had, but there are some features that are the same - a longish strap, little sewn air holes or something like air holes dotted about on the bag, and about the same size about 12" (30cm) across and longer than it is wide.

From my (faulty?) memory I thought it was a feed bag for a horse, but the people I spoke to at the show thought that was unlikely because it's too big. So maybe it is or not.

Bottom line - What is this bag - and from that I can maybe I can pin down where to buy one?
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Something like this? I get a lot of similar things by Googling 'gas mask bag' or 'military canvas shoulder bag'.
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I've gotten military surplus bags from all over here for good prices - worth a flip-through, at least.
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I think it could be a feed bag - it's difficult to visualise from just the one photo, but it seems like it could be comparable to this feed back the Imperial War Museum have.

I think that pipeski has the best shout with a search for "gas mask bag" - they will be longer than they are wide, with a longish strap, and surplus ones from various armies are available cheap as chips on ebay.
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I'm pretty sure the bag in that picture is a WW2-era British gas mask bag that's been turned inside-out, or a bag intended to look a lot like it. Searching on "british gas mask bag" or "respirator bag" will bring up a lot of them, and they seem like a pretty standard army-surplus thing.

FWIW Saddleback Leather is making really amazing-looking canvas bags these days; I've had my eyes on one of them for a while.
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These are sometimes also called ‘Indiana Jones Bags’
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