Identify the make/model of this food truck?
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What is the make and/or model of the food truck in the first image of this article? There are also pictures of it on the company web site but they only call it "our vintage truck." I feel like I should be able to Google this but I'm not quite getting it.
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Generally, they appear to be called "stepvans," but this refers to the general shape, not the brand or model. No luck finding a specific make and model match yet.
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I've only seen windows above and set back from the windshield like that on RVs.

I haven't been in one, but I assume they're for the sleeping compartment.
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I'm bored at work so I used the contact form to ask them about the truck.

I'll follow up if I hear something!
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It's a custom job (work-in-progress gallery from Fame Hot Rods MN), which looks like they only kept the front of the original vehicle, and made it taller to include those upper windows. Still not sure what that original vehicle was, though.
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It is identified here as a 1950s bread van, and it says the Brunson and her partner raised the roof, it didn't come that way. Here it is as work in progress. I suspect it underwent considerable customization beyond the roof job. But you'll find some similar-looking rigs if you google Morris bread vans.
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I think the original vehicle may have been an International Harvester Metro, but I may have the exact model wrong. Not sure what the year would be.
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Looks like a Citroen H Van to me. They're fairly commonly used as food trucks/snack wagons in the UK.
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Another possibility is the Willys Overland Urban Package Delivery van, circa 1948. (Scroll down, multiple examples.)
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Sorry, disregard my previous answer -- I'm pretty sure this 1949 Ford delivery truck is close to the right make/model.
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Yeah, Theory's got it. Look at the little details, beyond the grill shape itself: the wiper access panel above the grill; the curved coping above the forward (triangular) side windows, the placement of the horizontal strakes on the side of the vehicle...
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I think theory has it on the make and model. It's either a '49 or very close as well. The build pics are great! I assumed there was some custom work done but the extent is pretty surprising.

It looks like a lot of Morris, Ciroen, IH, Chevy, etc. delivery vans I've seen but has some design touches I really like and hadn't quite seen before.

Thanks all!
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