How do I structure my work time?
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I have the fortunate problem of being able to make my own hours. This, however, is challenging for me as I do better with being given structure rather than creating it!

I work for myself and choose to see about 10 clients per week. Ultimately, I need about 15 hours of work time. Assume that most clients can come anytime but there is a preference for early morning and late afternoon appointments. I've been working M-W-F with some breaks during the day but find that instead of filling my days, I push client appointments off to the next week. This may be a function of my life feeling generally stressful and a lack of down time. I'm trying to figure out a schedule that might make me less apt to push off appointments to the next week. I would like to ask for pros/cons and any suggestions. I realize this is all personal preference but I could use the feedback.


M-W-F (with some breaks in between clients)
T-TH (long days)
Work a half day (alternate mornings and afternoons) 5 days per week
Work M, F and one evening
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If I were in this situation, I would block out 15-20 hours of time each week and then allow clients to schedule appointments with me during those times using scheduling software. That way, it would be much harder to give in to the temptation to push meetings off, because they would already be scheduled. I think a setup like this might be more helpful to you than just establishing a schedule but still manually setting each appointment.

You could even use a system like this to try out the scheduling options you listed in your question - two weeks of one, two weeks of another, etc, until you figure out what works best for you.
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Do you know your chronotype (aka circadian rhythm)? I generally find it easier to do hard tasks if I schedule them for a time in the day when I usually feel alert (for me, generally between 9am-1pm or from about 4-7pm). There are online tests you can take to assess your chronotype; this may help you find the right block(s) of time in which to schedule your work.
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