Looking for sci-fi novel about a second American Civil War...
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I’m trying to remember a book in which the main character (an American) was a veteran of an Vietnam-style war in Indonesia, and the setting was a second American Civil War.

No, I’m not talking about American War, by Omar El Akkad. This would've come out back in the late '80s/early '90s. I read it as a kid, and now I'm annoyed I can't remember it because I'm sure I'd enjoy it a lot more (maybe?) now that I'm an adult and a combat vet.

Thanks for any help!
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Did it take place in the Pacific Northwest and have a picture of two F22s fighting on the cover, but in the story that never happened? Was there a chapter where a rebel national guardsman convinced two loyalist tank battalions to take each other out?

Because if so I also read this book and have not been able to remember what it was called.
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Could it be ARC Riders? If not, here's a list of literature with second American Civil Wars.
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It's not something by the terrible person John Ringo, is it?

Vet. Check.
Second American Civil War. Check.
There are a lot of them.

Over the course of the series and spinoffs, was it set shortly in the future and then some aliens dropped in? Then they resurrect or rejuvenate a bunch of nazis to fight for humanity? Then the protagonist's daughter (or something) complains about needing to have her boobs made bigger for the purposes of going undercover, then getting stuck with them?
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