I don't love you la la la la - what's that song?
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Please help me remember the name of this indie rock song from the 00s. The most specific thing I remember about it is the chorus, cathartically sung at the top of the male singer's lungs, "I don't love you! La la la la!" and repeated a few times. The music is sparse but jangly-loud guitar and drum that is jaunty and rhythmic during the verses and thrashing during the chorus.

I also remember snippets of lyrics like "kisses for christmas" which isn't helpful when googling, and "as you go out through that door," or something to that effect. It's definitely a break-up song.
My eyes are crossing as I sit here in front of this stupid CD collection and cross off bands like,
French Kicks
The Thrills
The Deadly Snakes
The Black Keys
and I am fully prepared to smack my forehead when someone knows it right away. Please.
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Is it Falling Slowly by Swell Season?
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I don't love you by My Chemical Romance?
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Da Da Da by Trio? Only fits about half your criteria though.
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I Don’t Love Anyone by Belle and Sebastian?
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Not in Love by Crystal Castles?
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Best answer: For future reference, songmeanings.com lets you search by song lyrics - a search for "Kisses for Christmas" pulls up only one song, "I Don't Love You" by Tangiers.
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In case you're mixing up a couple of songs, that "la la la la" part reminded me of Puddle of Mud's "She Fucking Hates Me" song.
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Response by poster: Thank you misscleo3861! Both for the correct song, and for the search tip.
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