Alcohol delivery in Philly
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I'd like to send a single bottle of Champagne next weekend to my dad for Father's Day. Are there any local shops or services in Center City that will do that?

If I could have a bow and a short note attached to it, that would be great but not required. My folks live in an apartment building with front desk staff if it matters. I would prefer avoiding a Postmates-type solution if possible.
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Use Google maps to locate the closet liquor store.i am sure they would deliver for a fee
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Best answer: Given some familiarity with Pennsylvania's liquor system I'm going to side-eye that.

My first instinct would be Di Bruno Bros for a nice bottle with good service.
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Having the front desk staff is good because someone 21+ will need to sign for the alcohol.

Locally, I think your option is Instacart or similar.

But I've had wine-club deliveries, so if there's any online vendor who will ship this, you should be good given the front desk sitch.
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Try this place.

Never used it, so can't say how well it works.
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AFAIK the only actual liquor store in Center City is the one run by the state, Fine Wine & Good Spirits. The company ships stuff but I doubt they would hand-deliver something for a fee.
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You might be able to use Drizly.
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GoPuff? They deliver beer. If anyone can deliver alcohol I bet they can.
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Response by poster: Turns out what I was looking to do is apparently illegal in PA, but I called Di Brunos and was able to buy a bottle over the phone and have it set aside for my parents to pick up. They live close enough to the Rittenhouse location that it ended up working out fine. Thanks!
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