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Is there an app or service that will tell me when to leave to pick someone up at the airport? Looking for an iOS replacement for the now-defunct Just Landed.

I used to use the app Just Landed to tell me when to leave to pick someone up at the airport. It worked great - you put in their flight info and it would take into consideration flight delays, traffic, travel time, directions, etc. and let you know when to leave your house to go get them. The app shut down a few years ago. What iOS app can I use now to get any or all of this functionality?
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I'm not a big app user, so I can't help there, but I use the FlightAware when I'm tracking a flight; with an account (free), you can set alerts for certain events (take off, landing, 40 minutes from touchdown, etc), which has worked fine for me.
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I also use FlightAware for this. It doesn't do as much as you're asking for, but the timing aspect of it is exact, so you can combine it with something like the "arrive at" feature of Google Maps.
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I am not 100% sure it works for this use case (vs. when to leave for the airport to catch a departing flight), but poke at TripIt and it might.
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Google Maps and the Waze app both allow you to plan trip times at any point in the future. In either app, plan your route as usual. In Google Maps click on the "Leave Now", select "Arrive By" and enter the time. In Waze, tap on the "Find the best time to leave" box and select your arrival time.

I use these with tracking reports on FlightAware to plan my pickups.
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