Does this LEGO building block from my memory in the 1980s exist?
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When I was a wee one in the 1980s, I remember stacking LEGO components that I can best describe as cargo/shipping containers on top of each other to make (what I considered) an apartment tower. Can you help this middle-aged mother confirm that this was a thing?

Each piece was a single molded LEGO piece that resembled a cargo container with one face missing; they may have had windows or doors on the side opposite that open face. I've exhausted my googling abilities looking for proof of its existence.

Are you a child of the 80s and do you remember this? Can you find an image online? Or an actual name for this component?
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These? Or maybe these?
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I estimate the footprint was approximately 10x20 or 10x30 LEGO units.
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Child of the 80s here - yes, they existed! I don’t have a pic to link to, but we had massive amounts of LEGO, and I could visualise what you meant immediately. ‘Like a shipping container’ is the perfect description, btw!
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I went down a rabbit hole when I found the following site and mostly answered my own question. Do not click unless you want to lose the rest of your day down memory lane.

This DUPLO Play Box is very close that what I was looking for, though I'm pretty sure they weren't DUPLO and didn't have hinges.
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This is the one I had.
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Here are all the Fabuland sets
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Maybe you're describing Duplo piece 4253 and its accessories. See here? Or like in this set? I had a ton of these in Duplo from the late 80s-early 90s.
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I have a non-Duplo version of this concept. Pictures
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