Easy slideshow from iPhone album?
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I have an iPhone XR album that I'd like to show as a slideshow at a party. What's the easiest way to do this?

It's 170 photos and I don't want to individually decide where every single photo goes, so a piece of software that lets me dump in the album, and it spits out a slideshow, would be ideal. I'd like multiple photos per "slide".

The photos could also play in roughly chronological order, and that'd be fine.

I'd like the images accompanied by a 4-minute song I've purchased on iTunes.

Automatic slideshows often have a few weird crops and juxtapositions, so it would be great if I were able to make some editorial changes.

To play it on the day, I think I'd need to export the whole thing to a .MOV file, so it could play off a friend's Windows laptop, hooked up to a projector.

Suggestions / advice? Thanks!
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iMovie on your iPhone will do most of this and is extremely easy to use. It won’t do multiple photos per slide but everything else should be covered.
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The Photos app has a built-in slideshow function which lets you pick music and other details then export it as a movie (or just plug the phone into the projector, presumably, if you’ve got the right dongle). There’s an article about it here.
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The built in slideshow thing doesn’t seem to offer multiple photos per slide, though.

Interestingly, if you just select a whole load of photos and use the share button, one of the options is ‘slideshow’ which offers a slightly different set of options, including a ‘magazine’ theme which does have multiple pics per slide, but doesn’t allow you export it as a movie. So only useful if you have some way of connecting the phone to the projector.
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on the projector side i recommend an iphone hdmi dongle and a long enough cable. this will work everywhere with minimal fuss.

anything that can display on the iphone can display on your projector, including playing an album.
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The share button slideshow works pretty well, thanks!

The best answer for me ended up being to put all the phone photos into a single album, export that to iPhoto on my Mac, and make a slideshow there.

iPhoto slideshows are annoying because they're designed to automate what slide goes where, in a counter-intuitive way, so you have to kind of game the system and use a lot of trial-and-error in order to have any editorial control. But it was fairly easy and impossible to be a perfectionist about it, which was good. On the day, I played the slideshow from a USB key in a laptop. Worked great.

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