Getting the Most out of Live Social Media
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I have an event coming up in two weeks. In addition to the live event, I'm trying to decide whether I should also stream it on Facebook Live, Skype or Periscope. Are these the best live social media platforms, or are there others that do a better job? The most important part of the event will probably last about 30 minutes.

Do I have to worry about bandwidth if I want do use more than one, or will they kick me off after X minutes and I won't know it. I saw a friend use Skype to share her wedding with friends around the world, and it seems like a good idea. What are the unknown knowns that you know but I don't?
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What platform are your viewers most comfortable with? Go with whatever will be most inclusive. That said, Skype has been rife with issues lately and I wouldnt trust it with something important.

You didnt mention Twitch, but that's another platform you can do livestreams on.
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