Self-improvement vacation: public speaking or confidence courses?
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Is there a residential public speaking, confidence or related course that I could go on for a personal development-themed vacation? I love vacations where I learn things and meet interesting people. I've previously done meditation retreats and courses at Esalen on the recommendation of the good people of Ask MeFi. I'm looking for something similarly off-beat; intense-but-enjoyable is OK :)

Interested in anything you think is relevant based on what I've said above (give me curveballs!), but my snowflake specifics:

- I don't have a specific problem with confidence, and present a lot in meetings at work already, but would just love to become one of those awesome charismatic Toastmaster types.
- Probably USA.
- Something a little non-corporate (ie. a retreat centre) is probably nearer the mark than something in a room at the airport Hilton.
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You could turn an Improv Intensive into an off-beat personal-development/ confidence themed vacation if you booked accommodation nearby (likely some other guests will be doing the same and there will be socialising after class. Even if not, you'll get a lot of it at the course):
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That's a great idea, hadn't at all considered improv - and the standup courses on that site sound awesome too!
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