Looking for shoes with a 13mm (approx) drop - for wearing about town
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I am in the UK and looking for shoes with a 13mm (approx) drop - for wearing about town. I need the drop or else my achilles tendons inflame.

I found Brookes running shoes that have a drop, but I can't find anywhere selling 'about town' shoes that have a drop.

If I can't find any ready-made shoes, I might consider having a pair made, so add that if you know of a good shoemaker.
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About town is a little vague, what in terms of appearance are you looking for?

Many if not most boots with visible heels have high drops like that. I have a pair of rock port chukkas with a drop in that zone. You could also try outdoor /adventure stores, shoes by keen, columbia, some merrels etc with have higher drop boots.
posted by smoke at 2:23 PM on June 6

if sneakers/trainers, some weightlifting shoes have higher heels than normal shoes.
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Another option to consider is putting small heel lifts in your shoes to give you the 13 mm heel drop you are looking for.
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Thanks @smoke - By 'About town' I mean not sneakers - something like a dress shoe in leather. Something I can wear with a suit.
posted by Quillcards at 12:24 AM on June 9

In that case yes I would check out rockport and ecco shoes, you should find something you like. :)
posted by smoke at 11:20 PM on June 10

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