Ebbets Field Flannels tees; inked or not?
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I love the retro baseball tees at Ebbets Field Flannels. But before I buy one, I need to know something I can't seem to find on the site. Hoping someone here has bought one and can tell me.

Are the designs on the shirt actually screen printed on the material, or are they those awful, rubbery iron-ons that make one sweaty and uncomfortable?

Example shirt here: https://www.ebbets.com/products/pawtucket-clam-eaters-t-shirt?variant=27734465736

I know ... first-world problem.
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I have several of these shirts (after a couple washes, they are SO SOFT) and cannot remember which way they are. If you don't have an answer by the time I get home (6ish EST), I'll take a look.
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Huh. I can head down to the store this afternoon, if you'd like. I'm about 6 blocks away from it!
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Wow, theseventhstranger. If you're up for it, that would be so cool!
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So, went to the store and the rep told me that the t-shirts are silk screened, on 100% pre-washed cotton. It felt kinda rubbery to me, so YMMV.
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Pictures. For the ones I have, it depends on the shirt (caveat, shirts are a couple years old, formulas change, etc etc).

The SF Seals shirt is completely flat printed, all ink no rubber, and as you can see, is wearing well.

The middle shirt, the darker green, is more rubbery iron on (and a fairly heavy one) and you can see is starting to crack (and feels kind of rubbery, which doesn't bother me both ymmv).

The East-West league shirt at the top is also a more rubbery raised print, but not as heavy as the Elefantes (and is wearing the least well).

No wonder I couldn't remember. :)
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