Another Tattoo Tipping Question
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If I'm getting a very small touch-up (like less than 1/4 inch) of some new ink that my skin pushed out of a 6-week old tattoo, and this is a free service, should I tip? If so, about how much?
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If it’s an artist or shop you like, do tip! Aim for a dollar a minute up to $20. After that, it’s no longer a small touch up and normal rules apply. Round up to the nearest $5.
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20$ minimum. The artist is gonna spend some time setting up and tearing down, and money on equipment.
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Normally I would say yes. However, my sole experience with a tattoo - I tipped the artist on the initial visit, and she refused a tip for the scheduled touch up. Maybe she was an outlier, but they may consider the touch up part of the initial service and not requiring a second tip. (If the shop has someone who acts as a receptionist, you could call and ask ahead of time. Maybe there's a shop policy?)
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In my experience touch-ups are often gratis because the artist wants their work to look good and for you to be happy to to refer others to them. In my case, recently I had requested some small touch-ups from the original artist and they decided they wanted to do more than I did. They likely would have only charged me for the small touch-up I wanted, but I ended up giving them some vinyl LPs so they called it even.

Even if it is gratis, tip using the scale stoneweaver suggested.
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Thanks, all!
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