All I want to do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom
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I need a videoconferencing option with special, specific snowflakes inside.

I need to find videoconferencing that is inexpensive or free AND also has available an inexpensive or free toll-free number that someone not videoconferencing could call-in with. Zoom is out as it has a 'local' number not local to me (San Jose area code) as the call-in for those not online. Their toll-free number option is $$$$. Similarly, Google Hangouts has a call-in number as well, but it is a 'local' number not local to me as well. So not an option. I can't seem to find any videoconferencing software that fits my needs. Suggestions?
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You can use Google Voice to make free or very low cost long distance calls into the Zoom access number.
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Response by poster: Not to thread sit, but I want to clarify that folks who will be calling in will be using a landline. So Google Voice or other internet options are not available.
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I think the UberConference integration with Google Hangouts gave you a fixed call-in number, rather than a random one each time. Maybe specifying the area code is an option.
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GotoMeeting free trial?
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bluejeans has a tollfree call in number feature. They do not have a 'free' plan, but only the 'host' needs to subscribe, the attendees would be free.
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Full disclaimer, I work at this company...but conferencing is what we do. I'm in the operations/infrastructure side of the organization.

There is a free option, but it does not meet your criteria of free toll-free dial-in access. It does include local US access numbers (in many markets) and some international. The $12/month option has a Call Me option, where the conference can dial out to a participant.

This might be obvious knowledge, but the conferencing provider is the one being charged for the toll-free number usage. Finding a conferencing provider who gives out toll-free dial-in access for free is definitely a challenge.

You can view the plans and pricing here or just search for GlobalMeet.
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