Gift advice for my soon-to-be 15-year-old niece
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When her older sister turned 15, we bought her a pre-trendy (pre-Urban Outfitters inventory) Fjallraven backpack, which she loved. Kids at her school had never seen one (except the European exchange students), and she got major cool points for having something unavailable at any local mall or shop. Now it's time for the younger sister. Help me find something cool that no other kid in Tampa, Florida will have.

A few details about her: She is interested in fashion, she and her family already dress well, but her current taste leans more towards clean lines and J Crew/Vineyard Vines styles. But I think she's open to more, just nothing too goth (quite yet).

I'd love to get her something that's popular now in Europe but not yet in the US.
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i bought a secrid wallet in Copenhagen, dunno if it's popular there but it's super cool and I don't know anyone else that has one
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Best answer: Maybe Veja sneakers? More info....
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A few years ago when I was in Prague, I stopped in this little boutique that was very curated and fashion forward. They have an eShop. If using the Chrome browser, Google should pop up with an invitation to translate the page (it failed for me the first time, but clicking Retry was successful). To get the exclusive feel you're after, being adventurous with international eshops might be a good way to get the high payoff.

I'm a little in love with this dress in particular. They also seem to have a small selection of bags if you want to stay with that theme.
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Best answer: Tips from Copenhagen: Taikan Everything cross-body bag in funky colors (this style) and a Girls Are Awesome beanie and/or socks.
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Madewell carries Feiyue kung-fu shoes now, and now they're $65 and owned by a French company, so I suppose they're not secret or niche anymore (though you can still wander into shops in Shanghai and find a pair for $12 or so).

If she uses a planner, the Hobonichi Techo might be up her alley (another guide here, too), and you can probably find a million charming and affordable fountain pens and Japanese stationery products to go with it at Or if you live near a Daiso, buy a bunch of cute stationery products there, too.
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My first thought was some sort of accessory from Freitag (they do make nice bags as well, but they are decidedly out of Fjallraven Kanken price range, if that is a consideration.)
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If I were 15 I would want the Veja sneakers. In fact, I'm 52 and I want them.
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Desigual isn’t totally unheard of in the US, but it hasn’t really hit the mainstream.
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Best answer: What a lovely question. I echo the Vejas (I AM in Europe and I want some!).

I have no idea what sort of US distribution they're in, but what about a watch from a European brand like Skagen might fit the bill?
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I love those Vejas! I might just buy a pair! I see them on Amazon?
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Best answer: anello backpacks, like this one, are all over japan (or at least osaka) the last few years.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! Her older sister said she'd like the anello backpack more than the Veja shoes (which I might buy for myself), so that's what we went with. Fingers crossed that she loves it.
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Oh wow those Anello backpacks look like all the diaper backpacks I see mums using in London. I know this because I have one too. Not that it should put you off, just thought that was interesting!
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