VW Transporter (or similar) tray/bed in the United States? Not the whole
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Is there a source for used (new if necessary) European/Austrailian-style truck/lorry/ute beds/trays in the continental US? Not necessarily VW.

For a friend: I have a super-reliable American Big3 full-size with an 8' bed. The bed was destroyed in an accident. Being a tad older, a replacement bed is rare to come by and expensive. I have always wanted a flat bed. So nows the time. I have a fabricator friend who has offered to help me build a legal flat bed. But of course we would be doing this on our days off and i really dont want to be without the truck that long. However, when i am in Europe i see a ton of these VW trucks (like this with fold-down/drop-side aluminum(?) beds. one of those beds would fit the bill nicely.

Anyone know of:
1. Any other auto manufacturers making something similar?
2. Know of anyone dealing in used non-US truck parts IN the US?

Note: Assume i have contacted my local VW dealer (who was not helpful), and that i have contacted/been to all my local junk/scrap yards. Assume also we can make it fit/work.

Thanks in advance!
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Home Depot puts those on their rental trucks, or at least they used to, so they are definitely available. This is the kind of thing you could buy from a “work truck” store.
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There is a store near me called, literally, Work Truck Stuff which is where I would start in Madison.
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Here's a discussion about these. Granted, it's from 2010, so not all of the links work, but there seem to be plenty of options.
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You might try these folks, and the general phrase "Drop side truck bed". You might try Knapheide, as well.
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These are either the same manufacturer/importer of the ones Home Depot uses, or very close equivalents: Ute Ltd. But there are other importers who are bringing in that style of bed (example), too. It's an unusual style in the US, so you are likely going to pay more than you would for either a replacement factory bed or an American-style flatbed; if cost matters, it might not be the best option to look for.

A useful search term for this is "ute bed."
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In Australia you can buy a ute as a "cab-chassis" meaning without the tray on the back. There's no shortage of manufacturers doing them, including Toyota, Mazda etc.

That may give you a term to search for, I've no idea on US availability though sorry.
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