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My spouse will be in Japan for several weeks while the rest of us stay home in the US mid-west and we'd like find the right way for us to keep in touch. Video chat seems like the right choice for the kids, but I don't know what the best tools are circa June 2019.

We'll be connecting from Android or PC to iOS, prefer not to use facebook, but are otherwise open to whatever free-ish options are easy and reliable. High security is not a concern. Thanks.
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Signal is fully cross-platform and supports video chat.

Telegram is similar in terms of functionality but is not considered to be as secure as Signal.
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Oh, Snapchat also supports video calling, but it's phone-only, unlike Signal and Telegram which have desktop clients.
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We just use Skype and it (mostly) works fine.
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I have no problem using Google Hangouts from Asia to US for video calls. When we do them just within the US, it works fine from an iPad to an Android tablet.
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I've never had issues with Google Hangouts (Android to iOS). Easy, simple.
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If it's just one device to one other device, I'd recommend, free/unlimited for that use case and works flawlessly on everything.
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Google Duo is google's simplified video chat app. (Google Hangouts is fine too, but later this year supposedly it's going to be separated into Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet because... well, I don't know why.)
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Skype is pretty much the default app for this need.
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My partner (Android) and I (iOS) use Google Duo.
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Another reccy for signal.

When I was traveling internationally a few months ago, even if the bandwidth for video wasnt there, the audio quality of signal was much higher than pretty much anything else.
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We recently converted from Skype to Zoom at work and it’s been a revelation. The video and audio quality is way better, it works flawlessly in every browser and OS config we’ve thrown at it, and it has a host of features for professional conferencing, although I have a paid org account and can’t speak to the free tier. I hate using other systems now. With multiple participants it’s especially excellent.
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Whatsapp works great is free and cross platform.
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You can’t video call from WhatsApp for web.
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I just used Discord's video chat and it was awesome, super high quality and never dropped. Prefer it a lot to Skype.
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My wife and I use Google Hangouts in this situation (Japan<>US) all the time and it works great.
We originally used Skype and Hangouts was a big improvement over that.
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