How to retrieve an item left in a rental car in Spain?
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I was in Tenerife in the Canary Islands (part of Spain) and accidentally left a small backpack in the rental car when I dropped it off. I am no longer in Spain. The bag contains my leather jacket and I'd really like to get it back. I called the car company and they found the bag, but they do not offer a shipping service and suggested I hire a courier company to come collect the item and ship it for me. I contacted MRW and DHL offices on Tenerife and neither one offers this service. Any suggestions? I am happy to use airtasker or similar but not sure what is available in Tenerife.
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Join a FB group for people in Tenerife (something like Digital Nomads Tenerife, or you can look for something oriented more towards locals) and post this as an odd job
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"they don't offer shipping" to me means "they don't pay for shipping" a quick glance appears as if UPS services the island. I'm pretty sure if you emailed them a label and arranged a pickuo they could handle stickint to a box and handing it to a driver.
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What chasles said. I had a similar case with a Hotel, and I arranged everything with UPS myself and all was fine.
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Try Seur? UPS also services Spain.
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Update in case anyone was wondering- Avis were nice but specifically said that they didn't have any boxes so wouldn't be able to pack it for me unless I could arrange for a box to be provided.

UPS drivers only collect packages and won't drop off a box to pack it in- they suggested that I order a box in the US, mail it to Avis in Tenerife, and then order a label and arrange for pick-up, which seemed kind of ridiculous.

I ended up using MRW who sent a courier to Avis to collect the jacket- they won't ship to the US so I am having it sent to a friend in London who will then mail it to me. The lesson learned is to check your rental car carefully before you return it!!
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